'90 Minutes in Heaven' wraps up filming in Atlanta

Michael Smith and Kate Bosworth in a scene from 90 Minutes in Heaven.(Facebook/90 Minutes in Heaven)

The film 90 Minutes of Heaven has finally wrapped up filming in Atlanta.

The film is based on the book of the same name by Baptist minister Don Piper, and stars Hayden Christensen as Don Piper, Kate Bosworth as Eva Piper and award-winning singer-songwriter Michael W Smith as the Pipers' family friend Cliff McArdle.

90 Minutes of Heaven is the first film by Giving Films LLC, which plans to donate all profits from the film to charitable organisations.

Don Piper's book details his experiences in 1989 when a truck from the Texas Department of Corrections rammed his Ford Escort. The truck also crushed the small car, killing the preacher instantly. Don claimed that after dying he found himself in a "divine portal" where he saw friends, relatives and teachers who had already died waiting to welcome him. Despite being declared dead by emergency personnel on the scene, Piper miraculously survived with no brain injuries, but had to recover from multiple fractured bones in the body.

Recovery was painful for Piper, who told CBN that, throughout the ordeal, he repeatedly felt the desire to go back after seeing the beauty of heaven. Families and friends faithfully supported him throughout his recovery with love and prayers, and Piper survived four months of "intensive therapy, numerous operations, and infections that on two occasions" that almost killed him.

"I'm an ordinary man with an extraordinary story," Piper said. "I want people to see hope in their challenges, to see that pain can come with purpose."

Giving Films' chief executive and producer of the film Rick Jackson encouraged people to watch the movie.

"If you loved Don's book, you'll love how this film widens his story to also show the people around him. If you haven't read the book, you're in for a great evening at the movies," he promised.

90 Minutes of Heaven is scheduled to be released on theatres nationwide this fall.