8 times Pope Francis struggled with his outfit in 2014

We deeply admire the (very serious) work of Pope Francis, but it's been a gusty year at the Vatican and the pontiff has struggled more than once to keep hold of his hat. Here's the lighter side of the pope's year in pictures:

1. New take on the dog collar

Pope Francis arriving at his Wednesday general audience in St Peter's square at the Vatican February 19, 2014.Reuters

2. Papa Smurf

At his weekly address February 22, 2014.Reuters

3. Peekaboo

Francis arriving at St Maria della Provvidenza church in Rome, during the Holy Thursday celebration, April 17, 2014.Reuters

4. 'Doh'

Weekly audience at the Vatican April 30, 2014.Reuters

5. Call me Kung Fu Francis

Arriving at the general audience at the Vatican May 14, 2014Reuters

6. The flying saucer

Pope Francis speaks during a mass at Amman International Stadium May 24, 2014.Reuters

7. 'Err... I can't see where I'm going'

Leaving his weekly audience in St Peter's Square October 22, 2014.Reuters

8. Blowing his nose

His weekly audience in St Peter's Square at the Vatican November 5, 2014.Reuters