8 Moments You'll Only Understand If You're A Calvinist

1. Shifting uncomfortably in your seat when the pastor mentions God's love without immediately referencing his judgement.

The Contemporary Calvinist / http://www.contemporarycalvinist.com/2013_11_01_archive.html

2. Now it's getting really nerve-wracking. The Bible reading is nearly over and it hasn't yet mentioned anything about God's wrath.

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3. He's using a YouTube clip to illustrate a point. You may as well get up and leave.

The Calvinist / http://www.thecalvinist.net/

4. There is a joke in the sermon. People are laughing. What is happening!

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5. Now it is really bad. He wants us to pray for people outside the Church.

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5. Uh oh. There is an altar call. And the pastor is asking people to accept Jesus into their lives.

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7. Do not quote Revelation 3.20 at me! 

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8. No you did not choose to come to church this morning!

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