76-year-old to cycle from Newcastle to London on behalf of world's poor

Colin Brannen has cycled several times to raise awareness of development and social justice issues

Colin Brannen, 76, is cycling from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to London and back again to raise awareness of a campaign to end global hunger.

The former RE teacher, who doesn't own a car, will be taking the opportunity to stop and speak to people about the IF campaign along the route.

He is heading to London to take part in the IF campaign's rally in Hyde Park on 8 June.

The IF campaign is being supported by Christian Aid and around 200 other development agencies.

As a Christian Aid district organiser for over 30 years, Brannen will also be using his bike ride to talk about the work Christian Aid is doing in support of the IF campaign.

"Campaigning is more and more important, poverty reduction isn't just about raising money. The work of Christian Aid is still desperately needed to help people living in poverty," he explained.

"I want to bring about change and encourage the government to be more supportive of our campaign against poverty."

It is not the first time Brannen has cycled to raise awareness of development and social justice issues. In 1998, he cycled to Birmingham for the G8 and part of the way to Cologne in Germany for another G8 rally in 1999. In 2004, he cycled from Newcastle to Brighton for a trade justice event at the Labour Party conference.

Christian Aid's Campaign Manager Al Roxburgh is asking people to show their support for ending global hunger by joining next month's rally.

"Despite us producing enough food for everyone, one in eight people in the world still go to bed hungry every night," he said.

"That is why we are calling on the UK Government to make sure action is taken at the G8 in Northern Ireland on June 17 and 18.

"The IF campaign is calling on G8 leaders to bring an end to corporate tax dodging in developing countries, prevent poor farmers being forced off their land and end the crisis of malnutrition.

"Please consider getting down to Hyde Park and joining with us and thousands of other people in making a stand on global hunger."

For more event details about Big IF London and to sign up visit www.christianaid.org.uk/if