19 Kids and Counting's Michelle Duggar attends high school reunion, daughter says 'mum was pretty crazy in high school'

Jim Bob and Michelle DuggarWikimedia

The latest 19 Kids and Counting episode featured Michelle going to her 30th high school reunion, and the episode revealed a lot of things about the devout Christian mother's past, like the fact that she used to own a pet tarantula!

"I think my mum was pretty crazy in high school," says her daughter Joy. "But I think she's calmed down quite a bit."

One of the biggest bombshells of the episode was that Michelle used to have an eating disorder in high school. When her friend Cindy visited, the two went to the gym and talked about her struggle with "self-worth" before she "came into the Lord."

Michelle revealed that she used to try and "measure up" to her peers, but it only caused her to doubt herself and her choices. "I ended up starting up a bad habit of making myself get sick after I would eat, especially if I had more food than I felt like I should eat," she shared. "It was destructive for my health and my life."

Michelle mailed Cindy their book Growing Up Duggar, and it was there that Michelle dished about her eating disorder. Cindy admitted that she spent a lot of time with Michelle while they were young but never realised that Michelle was battling insecurities about her body.

"I get to this page and it talks about an eating disorder, and I cried," she said.

She immediately called up Michelle and the Duggar mother said that it was difficult admitting her past struggles, but if it could help another person, it would be totally worth it.

Michelle really enjoyed spending time with Cindy and gushed that "it is such a joy to have a friend that you know loves you."

Her husband Jim Bob and a few of their children attended Michelle's high school reunion with her, and they discovered that Michelle was a bit of a tomboy since she liked playing the boys. She even stood up for her classmates who were being bullied.