'19 Kids and Counting' cancelled amid scandal? Josh Duggar may face civil case from non-family victim

After Jill and Jessa Duggar admitted that they were included in the list of young girls that their brother Josh touched inappropriately back in 2002, sources claim that the other child molestation victim outside their family decided to file a civil suit against him. Sources spilled the information to In Touch Weekly, the same publication that broke the news regarding Josh's child molestation case based on the police report filed in 2006. 

According to In Touch Weekly, Josh and the rest of his family, particularly his parents Jim Bob and Michelle, will have to provide their dispositions and testify in front of the court regarding the molestation charges. It means that they have to provide the answers to all inquiry regarding the case since they will not be able to use their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination since the criminal statute of limitations had already expired. 

A source also told the publication that all the church officials who allegedly knew about Josh's case will also have to come forward to answer in court. 

Some of the possible questions that the Duggars have to face include the number of years of counseling that Josh and his victims went through and how their parents made sure that the girls were protected from another molestation act since the time that they learned about it. 

At the moment, TLC stopped airing the Duggars' family reality show "19 Kids and Counting" since the scandal broke, but the network is still mum about the final standing of the show. Despite the immediate cancellation of sponsorships from the show's affiliated establishments, TLC has yet to decide if the reality TV series will be permanently taken off the air.

The Duggars and TLC have yet to issue a statement regarding the latest development about Josh's child molestation case.