10,000 trauma kits sent to Ukraine

Thousands of trauma kits are being sent to people caught up in the fighting in Ukraine.

Christian Aid has donated £1m towards civilian first aid kits in the war-torn country, including 10,000 trauma kits.

The trauma kits are being distributed by partner Crown Agents, which has people on the ground in Ukraine.

Christian Aid said the distribution of individual first aid kits had been made a "top priority" by the Ministry of Health.

"We are incredibly grateful to Christian Aid for its donation that will help save lives," said Crown Agents CEO, Fergus Drake.

"Some members of our Ukrainian team are still in Kyiv, bravely delivering support to the Ministry of Health." 

Crown Agents is working with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health to distribute the kits.

"We also have our satellite offices in Lviv and in Poland and Slovakia to help manage our response to this crisis," Drake added. 

Christian Aid is a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee, which has raised over £200m in its Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Christian Aid interim CEO, Patrick Watt, said: "The British people want us to respond swiftly inside Ukraine after witnessing the appalling suffering of Ukrainian civilians.

"We've done that today in a way that is tangible and meets an urgent need."