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Martin Saunders is Deputy CEO of Youthscape and Contributing Editor for Christian Today.

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Dunkirk review: a magnificent light in our darkest hour

The extraordinary redemption story of Dunkirk is all due to humble, ordinary people who decided to play their part. These men – and boys – left behind because they were deemed the wrong age to fight, were absolutely average. All that set them apart was their willingness to see light defeat darkness.


New porn laws won't work – but they might help

The UK government has just announced tough new measures in the fight against under-age pornography use. And as a parent with two children currently in the 8-12 age bracket, I'm obviously fully on board with that idea. The question is, will what they're proposing actually make any difference?


What is an 'active follower of Jesus'?

While 13 per cent of young people described themselves as practising Christians and even more as 'Christ followers', what kind of Christianity is it that they're practising?