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Martin Saunders is Deputy CEO of Youthscape and Contributing Editor for Christian Today.

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What is an 'active follower of Jesus'?

While 13 per cent of young people described themselves as practising Christians and even more as 'Christ followers', what kind of Christianity is it that they're practising?


The Shack review: is the movie version heretical… and does it matter?

A film opens this week that arguably presents the most significant opportunity in living memory for Christians to introduce their faith to their friends through an engagement with mainstream culture. Yet so far, excitement about the film has been strangely muted, because there's just one small problem: the film is based on controversial best-seller The Shack.


Wonder Woman's unexpected theme: Amazing Grace

Wonder Woman packs a punch - this is a film that restores your faith on several fronts, and is that rare and glorious cinematic treat: a film of which little was expected, and which well surpasses those expectations.


Who should play TV's 'New Pope'?

Jude Law was cast as he Young Pope. With a casting search underway to play the central role in a new drama, The New Pope, Christian Today thought it would be helpful to present the producers with a few options. Here's our entirely speculative list of actors who'd each bring something very different to the role of Pope


Christian TV and the teaching that comes straight from Hell

The prosperity gospel and the Bible: There are quite a few warnings in the Bible about false teachers and prophets. According to Jesus, Paul and others, there will certainly be men and women who come like the proverbial wolves in woolly clothing, and disrupt the church with twisted versions of Christian truth.