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Martin Saunders is Deputy CEO of Youthscape and Contributing Editor for Christian Today.

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How to talk to children about colour

Obama's tweet struck such a chord because it helps to illuminate a question that is being asked across America and around the globe right now: how is racism formed?


The Dark Tower review: a Christian actor incarnates the devil

The Dark Tower certainly isn't as terrible as some are suggesting, and as an action-packed sci-fi / fantasy / western / quest movie, I found it entertaining throughout; a bit like a more grown-up version of cults 80s kids movie The Never-ending Story.


How do you beat Christian Festival High Syndrome?

Every year, usually by the time the new school term had begun, those feelings of surety and passion had all but dissipated. This was Christian Festival High Syndrome – and I was a recurring sufferer.


Dunkirk review: a magnificent light in our darkest hour

The extraordinary redemption story of Dunkirk is all due to humble, ordinary people who decided to play their part. These men – and boys – left behind because they were deemed the wrong age to fight, were absolutely average. All that set them apart was their willingness to see light defeat darkness.