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Kelly Thompson

  • hands

    Finding healing from past hurts

    In the nature of the world, interacting with people and doing life, impacts and injuries in life occur. How we react to these injuries I believe will determine whether we end up with a long-term scab or scar.

  • compass

    Good faith works just like a compass

    I believe meditating on things is like the striking of a magnet. Each time you think upon a thought, event, person or idea, you are striking your inner compass to become more aligned with that way of thinking.

  • kayaking

    How to embrace failures with joy

    It's not always the end destination we need to attain. Usually, the journey along the way teaches us the greatest lessons.

  • peace

    Learning to be

    To 'be' for some may seem scary, the idea of being still long enough to hear your own thoughts, to face your true self. For Mother Theresa, this was where she heard God speak.

  • trees

    The importance of strong roots

    When Redwoods grow, they grow 'together'. Their root systems are intertwined, leaving the trees to rely on one another as they grow and especially during high winds and storms. They can't do life without one another, and neither should we.