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  • people

    Living in a world that's lost its reason

    I was talking to a friend about the challenges that we Christians face today when he said, 'We are swimming against the current – the world has lost its reason.' The phrase struck me and I've been pondering it.

  • rain

    Thriving in times of turbulence

    Beyond the noisy buffeting and chilling winds of our day, there are many encouragements. Let me offer you four.

  • christmas

    What Christmas means to me

    When I sit in an armchair on Christmas Eve and spend time with family and friends, I am aware that having found the meaning of Christmas, I need to guard it.

  • david-pytches

    A farewell to David Pytches

    With his passing to glory, the church has lost a great man.

  • the-great-escape

    The Great Escape - and the greatest of escapes

    Why, though, for all its achievements, has The Great Escape, which barely mentions Christmas, become such a seasonal favourite?

  • church-of-england

    The state of the nation: figures, faith and futures

    There can be no disguising the fact that there is a fundamental problem in British Christianity.

  • Tim Keller addresses Cape Town 2010, the Third Lausanne Congress on ...

    Tim Keller: a tribute

    Tim had many roles – pastor, theologian, writer – but perhaps the most important was that of evangelist. So here, as an evangelist, I want to comment on a few notable aspects of Tim's remarkable life and ministry in proclaiming the gospel.

  • george-verwer

    George Verwer: a hero of the faith

    George Verwer died on Friday 14th April at the age of eighty-four. With his passing the church has lost a man who had an astonishing global influence on the way the church carries out its vital task of sharing the good news of Jesus.

  • same-sex-marriage

    This week at General Synod

    Not everything that is planted deserves to come to fruition, and it is precisely the responsibility of bishops, and even archbishops, to do their best to ensure that the fields of the Lord produce a good crop for him.

  • bible

    On Lent and 'being' Lent

    This Lent you can focus on saying particular prayers, which is commendable, or on skipping chocolate, abstaining from social media or alcohol. But can I encourage you to prayerfully ponder, remembering that all we are and all we have has been lent to us and that we remain accountable to God?

  • norwich-cathedral

    After the 2021 census, the Church needs a more positive and dynamic strategy

    Amid the gloomy complacency, these census figures should be a bellowing alarm, says J John.

  • barry-kissell

    In memory of Barry Kissell: a balanced man

    The passing of a fellow Christian worker, particularly after long years of service, brings mixed feelings. There is the inevitable sadness but also a curious sense of fulfilment: the awareness of a life lived; a race well run; of 'mission accomplished'.

  • halloween

    The tragedy of Halloween

    Halloween raises big questions but only gives lies as answers.

  • jen-rees-larcombe

    Jen Rees Larcombe 1942-2022

    Jennifer Rees Larcombe was a figure of remarkable importance in Britain and beyond.

  • queen

    The passing of the Queen

    These are sad days but, as the Queen herself would no doubt have wished, those of us who are Christians can – should – lift our eyes upwards.