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Deborah Steiner

  • oac

    'Urgent need' for trained street evangelists

    OAC's Steve Gurnett is passionate about seeing more Christians answer the call to take God's love to the streets

  • hope-mk

    Sharing the blessings in Milton Keynes

    Milton Keynes residents are looking forward to seeing what local young Christians might do during the next half-term after a successful community-focused outreach during the last half-term

  • siloam

    Children for sale in Chennai

    Cruelty, torture and rape accompany this ruthless business

  • marten-holmes

    Christian tradition with a new twist

    Nobody ever accused Marten Holmes of being too conventional. Yet his photographic exhibition 'A Sideways Look' gives Christian tradition a new twist that makes non-Christians raise questions about faith.

  • jenny-carroll

    From religion to reality

    "Our parents often took us to church. My mother read to us from the Bible. But, somehow, there wasn't a reality about it."

  • alan-hodgkinson

    Out to Disrupt

    Alan Hodgkinson is cycling from Land's End to John o'Groats in aid of impoverished Vietnamese children

  • oac

    Inclusiveness within limits

    Known for their innovative approaches, OAC Ministries (Open Air Campaigners) aim to host conferences that challenge as well as inspire.

  • richard-norton

    Change in the Face of Disadvantages

    Familiar with suffering, UK Siloam Director Richard Norton works to help the most disadvantaged people in the world. Yet a recent medical camp in India revealed one family's plight which no one had anticipated.

  • oac-youth

    Youth and truth

    OAC evangelist Dave Workman is helping young people steer clear of the drugs, drink and sex scene

  • Siloam is working with deaf children in Kenya to give them a brighter ...

    Speaking out for the deaf

    Every person should have the human right to speak for themselves. But the reality is that vulnerable and deprived children in an isolated area of Ogongo, Kenya, have been denied this right.

  • img

    Out on the streets

    While most of Britain huddled indoors during the severe weather of early winter, one brave group aims to get out on the streets.

  • Marten Holmes shared his faith with travellers he met along the way

    Journey of a lifetime

    It wasn't the journey Marten Holmes originally had in mind. Last autumn, his plan was to ride a bicycle from John O'Groats to Land's End. But his recurring heart problems put an end to that.

  • Creative object lessons such as a rope trick enable Roger Gray to ...

    Small churches unite around the calendar year

    In the Bridlington area of Yorkshire, small churches are uniting for effective outreach.

  • Olympics draw international outreach team

    Everyone knows that the Olympics encompass teams from around the world. When Christians strategically reached out to the crowds attending the Games, they too were able to draw on enthusiastic participants from abroad.

  • . Young people enjoy their holiday time in the Perthshire countryside

    Teen Ranch round-up

    A Western-style ranch in Perthsire, Scotland, is giving young people the opportunity to have fun, learn new skills and hear the Gospel