Zelensky prays to God to save Ukraine

(Photo: Getty/iStock)

In a message to mark the Orthodox Easter on Sunday, the Ukrainian president said he was believing "in a new victory for Ukraine" and that "our dawn is coming soon".

President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted that Ukraine was "enduring dark times" but vowed that his country "will not be destroyed by any horde or evil".

He also prayed to the "great and only God" to protect and save Ukraine.

"We are enduring dark times. And on this bright day, most of us are not in bright clothes. But we are fighting for a bright idea. On the bright side. And the truth, people, the Lord and the holy heavenly light are on our side," he said. 

Zelensky said the whole country was unified in its prayer for Ukraine to be saved. 

"We have all been praying for the last two months. And in the Resurrection of Christ, which symbolizes the great victory of life over death, each of us asks the Lord for one thing. And speaks the same words to heaven.

"The words of a great and united prayer. Great and Only God! Save our Ukraine!" he said. 

Zelensky said that God would not forget towns like Bucha and Mariupol that have been ravaged by the war, nor "all those who survived brutal crimes". 

Although Ukrainians are filled with "fury" over the invasion, he asked that God would "turn it into a force of good to defeat the forces of evil." 

Zelensky continued, "Dear Ukrainians! Last year we celebrated Easter at home because of the pandemic. This year we also celebrate the Resurrection of Christ not as we used to. Because of another virus. Because of the plague called war.

"Both last year's and the current threat are united by one thing – nothing can defeat Ukraine.

"The great holiday today gives us great hope and unwavering faith that light will overcome darkness, good will overcome evil, life will overcome death, and therefore Ukraine will surely win!

"And on Easter, we ask God for great grace to make our great dream come true – this is another great day – the day when great peace will come to Ukraine. And with it – eternal harmony and prosperity."