WWE 2K17 release date news: limited edition version includes exclusive collectibles; some will have to wait for NXT stars

The "WWE 2K17" Collector's Edition will have Shinsuke Nakamura at front and center.Facebook/WWEgames

Next in the series of wrestling games is the WWE 2K17  from the hit wrestling video game franchise WWE 2K. It is likely to follow the success of is predecessor WWE 2K16, the game that created history of the biggest roster in WWE 2K's history, with over 150 playable wrestlers.

A commercial for the WWE 2K17 features Brock Lesnar as cover star for the promotional campaign activity that centres around SummerSlam week in Brooklyn.

Fans and players of, "WWE 2K17" were excited because it looked pretty cool. However, they were confused by the distribution system adopted for the game's new content.

As a part of the "WWE 2K17 NXT Edition" that was announced last week the special and limited edition game package of "WWE 2K17" will includes not only the game itself, but other premium and exclusive physical collectible items, as well as additional in-game content.  But the NXT superstars may not be made available to all players right from day one and will be added in through the NXT Enhancement Pack. 

Although the roster of superstars for the upcoming WWE 2K17 is still growing, the "NXT Edition" includes former NXT superstars Apollo Crews and Nia Jax along with current top performer, Shinsuke Nakamura. The official website revealed that Stars bundled with another bonus will provide players with additional points to use in MyCareer mode.

Nonetheless, the fact is that three popular wrestlers locked behind a paywall has caused some frustration for those who don't own the NXT Edition. None of the Stars will be available in WWE 2K17 unless you buy the DLC.

According to Christian Post, new additions to the roster will include, AJ Styles and Becky Lynch. Bill Goldberg on the cover of the "WWE 2K17" gave rise to speculations that he the will be back in the ring. However it seems that not everybody wants him back. Yet, the star that fans wanted to be there in WWE2K17 is the late Joan Marie Laurer commonly known as Chyna.