World Mission Sunday celebrates faith

‘Faith changes everything’ is the theme of this year’s World Mission Sunday campaign in England and Wales today.

World Mission Sunday is marked each year by Catholics in support of missionaries worldwide.

This year highlights the work of St Anthony’s orphanage in Zambia, which is run by religious sisters.

The 'Faith changes everything' theme was chosen to reflect the faith that underpins missionary work.

Mgr Canon James Cronin, National Director of Missio England and Wales, said: "Faith plays a crucial role in the work that missionaries carry out.

"Often their good works such as building schools, providing healthcare and food could be done without their faith, but it is faith that changes these actions and stops them being merely sentimental or patronising.

"Faith means that every person is seen with eyes of love. Faith is the source and the result of their love."

The poster for this year's World Mission Sunday features a girl being cared for at St Anthony's orphanage.

Mgr Cronin added: "We hope to encourage others to see that it is faith that drives these good works."