Woman stands up in the middle of Sunday church service to accuse the pastor of having an affair with her daughter

The woman who made the accusations can be seen in the background of the video clip

Things got awkward at a church service on Sunday morning when a woman unexpectedly stood up to accuse the pastor of sleeping with her daughter.

The allegations were made against Billy Walker, pastor of Word Fellowship Baptist Church in Prentiss, Mississippi.

The woman's moment to level her accusations was caught on video as she claimed in the middle of the church service that the pastor had been having an affair with her daughter for the last three years.

The angry mom is seen shouting at Pastor Walker and telling him to leave her child alone.

She also makes further accusations against the pastor, including that he was seeing another woman in addition to her daughter, and that he was 'going to press charges against her' after confronting him about it.

'I'm a mother, that's my child. No mother in this church would do what I'm doing for my baby,' the woman said.

'Three years you've been messing with her. And I know about it.'

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the pastor's wife, Vivian, was present at the service while the accusations were being made.

The video clip, which was uploaded to YouTube, does not identify the woman making the accusations against the pastor.

Other parishioners at the church sit in silence as the woman vents her anger, while the girl filming the clip giggles in disbelief at the commotion.

A man can be heard making inaudible comments to the congregation after the mom leaves but the congregation appear happy to carry on with the service as they respond with a loud 'Amen.'

Christian Today has reached out to the church with a request for comment.

The full video can be seen here