Willie Robertson encourages Christians to take their non-believer friends to see new Nicolas Cage movie 'Left Behind'

Willie Robertsongeopungo/Wikimedia

"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson recently urged Christians to take their non-believer friends to see the upcoming action film about the rapture, "Left Behind."

The remake of the 2000 Kirk Cameron release will star Nicolas Cage in a blood-pumping, high-adrenaline adaptation of the popular book series.

Robertson published a video on the film's Facebook page stating that the movie may bring non-believers to the Lord.

"Like most Christians, my family and I can truly say that we're excited about the soon return of Jesus, and I'm sure, if you've been watching the news lately, you know that that return could be any day from now," he said.

"['Left Behind' is] a warning to those, if it happened today, would be left behind, and I believe people are going to make that life-changing decision to follow Christ on the way home from the theater on Oct. 3.

"Let's all make sure we bring some friends and family to see this movie – people who need to see to believe."

In "Left Behind," Nicolas Cage plays a pilot, and Chad Michael Murray a journalist who must come to grips with life on Earth after the rapture.

Robertson revealed last week that he is one of the executive producers of the film.

"My friend, and another executive producer, Bill Busbice called and got me excited about it, and I'm ready," he told FOX & Friends.

"It's kind of cool being on that side of [the camera] as we do more with movies. [The film] 'God's Not Dead' was so successful... we actually were in that movie, [my wife] Korie and I.

"We just want to continue – when we do television and also movies – to do something positive... especially spiritual, like this [film]," Robertson said. "This movie will make you think, you know... how it all ends."

Watch Robertson's promotional video for "Left Behind" below. The film will be released on Oct. 3.

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