Wife of For King & Country frontman opens up on the feelings of hatred she had to battle in her marriage

Moriah Peters and Joel Smallbone on 'I Am Second'

Singers Moriah Peters and Joel Smallbone of for King & Country have become a staple couple in contemporary Christian music for several years now, but during her second "I Am Second" video testimony, Peters admitted that it's been a battle.

Peters first appeared in 'I Am Second' six years ago after Smallbone had proposed. The then 20-year-old, spoke of her music and faith. She described being on American Idol auditioning for the judges and choosing to trust in God after they cut her. Peters showed off her engagement ring and was ecstatic to start the next chapter of her life as a wife.

"I feel like the 'I Am Second' interview really kicked off this new chapter in my life where I had this forever partner," Peters can be heard saying in the Second Edition taping. "I was able to partner with my husband and step into music. I don't think we were quite prepared for reality to sink in."

Smallbone joined the filming as Peters talked about their love story and after he shared from his perspective things became more serious. Along with navigating their careers and letting someone else into their most intimate space, the couple admitted they learned that the lines are very thin between hate, hurt and love.

"I think it would have been the second year of marriage, I realized that I was capable of true hatred," Peters revealed claiming that she was extremely fearful and guarded in her marriage.

"I think hate is really just a distorted form of hurt, and hurt can often be its own form of love... I needed to be reminded that love isn't always an overflow of the heart. Sometimes love is a very active and intentional decision," she continued.

The California native explained that she and Smallbone are now very careful to take care of each other's hearts, despite being imperfect people. The access a husband and wife have to destroy their spouse is like none other, she shared.

"Even if it is 95 per cent of the time incredible, that 5 percent is painful. It's the deepest pain you'll ever feel," Peters added.

"That year too was a second place for me, I didn't do it perfectly, I had to grapple with that ... What do you do then if your ultimate hope and faith and love is put in this physical being that is not perfect?" Smallbone interjected adding that he had to trust God to be the husband God wanted.

"God being the center of a relationship, I think it all boils down to that," Peters concluded.

Courtesy of The Christian Post