What do Brits think about Islam?

Almost half of the UK population thinks Islam is incompatible with British society, a survey is suggesting.

Following three Islamist linked terror attacks on London and Manchester, a poll found 47 per cent thought there was a 'fundamental clash' between the religion and UK culture.


The research for the German business newspaper Handelsblatt indicated the figure was slightly higher than in the US where 45 per cent said Islam was incompatible with their society.

But among other European countries Brits were less likely to say there was a fundamental clash with Islam.

Germany (53 per cent), Sweden (56 per cent), Denmark (59 per cent), Norway (59 per cent), and Finland (60 per cent) all revealed a majority of people believing there was a fundamental clash between the two.

The proportion of people who thought Islam was compatible with society was highest among Britons at 23 per cent compared to France on 20 per cent, Germany on 17 per cent, Denmark and Sweden on 14 per cent, Norway on 13 per cent and Finland on 8 per cent.

The findings were based on research done online by YouGov between 21 May and 6 June 2017. They come after three separate terror attacks in three months on Westminster on 22 March, Manchester on 22 May and London Bridge on 3 June.

At the same time though, another YouGov survey done via their mobile app and published on 21 June found a majority of Brits thought British society was Islamophobic and another YouGov poll seemed to back this up revealing 75 per cent agreed the UK should be less tolerant of the rights of radical Islamists to express themselves.