'Westworld' Season 2 release date, spoilers news update: Dead characters resurrected; Series creators want to spill entire story to fans

There are only a few days left before the much-awaited comeback of HBO's hit series "Westworld." The second season of the science fiction thriller will feature new faces and a new conflict that will shake up the foundation of the futuristic amusement park. Per the latest spoilers, the fans are in for a big surprise as season 2 will welcome back characters that have already died in the first season. 

Facebook.com/WestWorldPromotional image for HBO series "Westworld"

The first half of "Westworld" season 2 was already distributed to selected groups and individuals before its premiere next week. Digital Trends is among the lucky few who have already watched the first five episodes, and the online publication has provided an interesting but spoiler-free summary of the second season. Perhaps the most surprising part of the preview is that many characters who have already met their demise in the first season will make a return. 

Of course, knowing the existing technology in the "Westworld" universe, it may no longer shock the fans that a character will rise from the dead in season 2. The show has already established that death is not permanent in the world, especially for the non-human characters. Also, earlier promos for "Westworld" season 2 have shown familiar faces from the first season that are set to return.

However, Digital Trends has tipped that there may be at least one resurrected character that will come out as a surprise to everyone. The mystery surrounding their return will be explained, as there is a possibility that some of these revived characters have not actually died in the first place.

The new opening sequence of "Westworld" season 2 was also given attention, as the intro will give the viewers a good grasp of what the second season is all about. While the opening sequence of the first season highlighted the themes of sex and violence, the latest one hints that season 2 will focus on the hosts' relationship with one another, plus the real essence of having a family, whether by shared creators or by blood relations.

On the other hand, "Westworld" season 2 showrunners Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy made an announcement that they are going to provide the official spoilers for the show. Nolan and Joy have figured out that the only way to prevent people from spoiling the upcoming season to others is to provide the spoilers themselves. If they are actually serious with this plan, the fans can expect a full video from the "Westworld" creators that contain everything that season 2 will be telling.