We want to see a move of God in South Africa, says Jeremy Riddle of Bethel Music

Jeremy Riddle of Bethel Music prays for South Africa to experience "a move of God."

Jeremy Riddle of Bethel Music went on a missionary trip to South Africa for the second time and the singer is praying for the country to see and experience "a move of God."

Riddle went there as part of Bethel Music's Worship Nights tour, and he said that their biggest assignment was to find out what God has in store for South Africa and its people.

"That's where the power is, if you can actually tap into what God is doing, and you step into the flow of that, that's when we start to see breakthrough," Riddle wrote in a blog.

South Africa might currently be a "warzone" but Riddle has witnessed unity and healing growing in the country that has been marred by difficulties in the past.

"I feel like there's been a strong chasm between groups of people and I feel like there's something about connection to the Father that's pretty massive," he said. "There's a growing sense of community. It's like worship has become a place of connection where people can lay down arms and disagreements, coming to the same table to unite towards the same end: to see the glory of the Lord increase."

During his last visit, the singer experienced a rich spiritual growth and he saw how the locals found comfort and inspiration in the presence of the Lord. "I don't have great language for that moment, but it was really beautiful. People were exposed to an authentic presence of the Lord moving and religion dissipated," he described.

Riddle has one powerful yet simple prayer for South Africa - and that is for the country to experience "a move of God."

"We want to see revival, we want to see the Spirit of God break out in unprecedented ways. We want to see healings, signs and wonders, we want to see people encounter the Father's love, we want people to see their destiny," he explained.