'Watch Dogs 2' updates: Details of 1.17 update revealed, possibly the game's last title update

YouTube/Ubisoft USA scene from the "Watch Dogs 2" trailer

"Watch Dogs 2" recently released its latest patch, number 1.17. However, this newest update received mixed reactions, especially for those playing on the PC. 

The game's developers, Ubisoft, released the notes regarding update 1.17, which includes small improvements regarding the game's bigger features, such as the four-party player mode and the coop. When it comes to the four-party player mode, Ubisoft has fixed the exploit where a bounty event is automatically completed when a player enters the Marin HQ tunnel, as well as syncing the mission objective after a join in progress with the Man vs. Machine. 

Regarding the co-op mode, the update fixed the issues regarding the second player not being teleported to a bounty target all the time, as well as the issue of coop hunters getting disconnected from each other whenever they complete the Bounty among others. For PC users, Ubisoft has fixed the issue where Marcus was not able to leave several vehicles when parked near a wall. 

While these big fixes and improvements prove to be well and good for many players, some on PC were left a little frustrated when Ubisoft decided to block the mods that are used by PC players in online play. The developer explained that this is to maintain fair play, however, modders were not pleased and expressed their frustration. 

The criticisms may not have been so evident, given that the modding community is small. Modders use the game in order to repair some graphical issues while also fixing a few bugs. Still, modders were not pleased when this patch came out. They can still Mod offline, given that they also disable the EasyAntiCheat function. 

Meanwhile, this patch may also be the last title patch, according to Ubisoft in the patch notes. However, they are naturally still keeping an eye on the game for any issues that may need some fixing in the future.