Woman abandoned as baby on church steps searches for birth mum via Facebook

Has already connected with boy who found her.

Taya Lee Facebook

Washington resident Taya Lee is searching for the birth mother who abandoned her on a church's steps 33 years ago, and she's hoping Facebook can help.

Lee posted a photo to the social media site on April 20, asking for help in finding her birth family.

The picture is of Lee holding a large piece of paper that reads: "Looking for my birth mother. She abandoned me in Shelton, WA on Jan. 25, 1981. I was found on a church doorstep at St. Edwards Catholic Church. Please help me find her by sharing my picture."

A note was pinned to the Lee as a baby, reading, "My name is Elizabeth Ann. Please find me a good home and take good care of me."

In the Facebook photo's caption, Lee adds, "This is something I have wanted to do for a long time now. Please share this picture on your facebook, I'd love to see how far this goes."

The photo has received over 1,300 Facebook shares, and her story has been covered by both local and national news outlets.

Lee also made contact with  Steven Henry Dailey, the person who found her on those church steps 33 years ago.

A photo of the now demolished St. Edwards Catholic Church was published on the Mason County Historical Society's Facebook page last month, and Dailey commented, "I found a little baby on the doorstep one morning on my way to school!"

A then 14-year old Dailey heard a baby crying, and told adults at a nearby courthouse.

On April 27, a woman familiar with Lee's story connected Taya to the Mason County Facebook thread.

"Steven! That baby was ME!!!!!! OH MY GOD," Lee posted.

Dailey, who was 14-years old when he found the baby, said that he never stopped thinking about that day.

"I've periodically thought throughout my life, remembering back at that time," he told KOMO Seattle.

"It was fate - fate, waiting to happen."

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