'War Room' impresses with its box office success and how it resonates with viewers

(Facebook/War Room)

The faith-based film "War Room" directed by the Kendrick brothers continued to impress viewers, once again topping the domestic box office, raking in $9.35 million in the US and Canada, over the Labour Day holiday weekend in its second week in theatres.

The Sony Corp. movie is showing in 391 locations in North America. Ten days after its release, "War Room" has already grossed $24.7 million.

Perhaps more impressive than the figures is what the audiences, and even the cast members, are learning from the film.

The film's co-director Alex Kendrick—who made such other hits such as "Facing the Giants," "Fireproof," and "Courageous"—said the value of an active prayer life is what people have come to appreciate after watching the film.

"It's one thing to go to the movies and see eye candy... but we want to leave them with something more eternal," he told Charisma News.

Best-selling Christian author and speaker Priscilla Shirer, who took on the lead role of Elizabeth in the film, said she learned how to pray better after taking part in "War Room."

"(This movie) made me more strategic, deliberate and intentional with my prayers... instead of just being consistent," Shirer shared. "I don't think it's by chance that God's going to use this movie to call people to their knees, (nor do) we really believe prayer works, because if we really did, we would actually pray and pray more. Prayer is what invites the power of heaven into the circumstances of earth."

As for Karen Abercrombie, who played Miss Clara, she said being a part of the movie helped her appreciate the power of prayer even more. "Oh, my war room, it gets worn out," she said. "And just working on this piece brought everything home in a deeper, meaningful way."

As for the churches and church leaders from Charlotte, North Carolina, who participated in the film either by providing transportation or homemade meals, they said they learned to embrace the true spirit of God's Word.

"The Bible's clear we're supposed to love one another," co-producer Gary Wheeler said. "And really these churches in this area—that's what they did."