'Vikings' season 4 episode 11 air date, spoilers: is about to be a brutal death for Ragnar?

Aslaug and Ragnar in "Vikings"History Channel

"Vikings" season 4 will reportedly feature the death of a major character and some say that it is the king himself, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel).

According to the latest spoilers, an ally of Ragnar will put him down. There's no word who it is, but the stakes are definitely higher now that the throne is up for grabs.

There are also rumors that the king will fall sick and eventually die after waging war in Paris. However, there are reports he will be left to die in a pit full of snakes by King Aelle (Ivan Kaye).

Ragnar has been away from Kattegat long enough for his sons to hate him to death. Two of them even promised to kill their own father, but could not bring themselves to do so when he was back in their presence.

In "Vikings" season 4, he returns, and while danger certainly still follows him, Kattegat is in much bigger trouble. As suggested in the trailer, his return brings "calamity, chaos, tragedy, and death."

That being said, Ragnar will not be the only one whose life will be on the line, when the show returns for episode 11, which has no title yet.

Meanwhile, if there is anyone that has the potential of getting killed when "Vikings" season 4 returns with episode 11, it will be Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland).

With Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) back and better and hungrier than ever, she will make sure that Aslaug will pay for everything she has done.

"I will never forgive you for taking away my husband, my world, and my happiness," Lagertha can be heard saying in the "Vikings" season 4 trailer.

There was also a brief moment in the clip where Aslaug appeared to be on the floor, weeping and curled up in excruciating pain. There was even blood on her hands.

It is unclear if this is Lagertha's doing, but what's guaranteed is that Aslaug is in big trouble. Whether or not she will meet her doom in the latter half of the current season remains to be seen.

"Vikings" season 4 has no specific premiere date yet, but it is set for return later this year on History.