'Vikings' season 3 spoilers: Shocking revelations await troops after returning to Kattegat in episode 5


After the tragic loss of Siggy (Jessalyn Gilsig) in the previous episode of "Vikings" season 3, the fleet must go back to Kattegat in the next episode of the series.

The brief official synopsis for the episode titled "The Usurper" reads: "The fleet returns to Kattegat to discover tragic circumstances await."

What could possibly shock Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and the rest of the Viking earldom once they return to their homeland? 

Meanwhile, Ragnar and Aslaug's (Alyssa Sutherland) marriage seems to be on the rocks this season.

Based on the recently aired episode, Aslaug appears to be falling inlove with Harbard (Kevin Durand), also known as The Wanderer. The lives of her sons with Ragnar were almost put in danger when she left them alone to be with The Wanderer. Fortunately, Siggy was there when the kids almost slipped through the dangerous cracking ice, killing her in the process.

According to Design N Trend, the rumors about the possible split of Ragnar and Aslaug began when the actor who portrays the role of the Viking leader conducted an AMA session in Reddit before season 3 premiered last month. 

One of the Redditors asked Fimmel who he prefers more, Ragnar's ex-wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) or his current wife Aslaug, to which the Australian actor replied, "I love all women equally. Anybody in Ragnar's family, he loves... He's just full of love. But Ragnar's ex-wife hates him as much as his current wife does, and I'm sure his next ex-wife will hate him too." 

Could this mean that the Vikings' version of a royal couple will be splitting before the season ends? 

On the other hand, will the friendship between Ragnar and Floki (Gustaf SkarsgĂ„rd) mend in the next episodes this season after the latter notices that the king of the Vikings has been deeply influenced by Althelstan (George Blagden)? 

"Vikings" season 2 episode 5 airs March 19 on the History Channel.