University Challenge star is 'thoughtful and reflective', says chaplain

The chaplain of Corpus Christi College Oxford has told of how the senior common room of the college is “very proud” of its victory over Manchester University in the final of the BBC quiz show University Challenge.

Canon Judith Maltby described Gail Trimble, captain of the college's University Challenge team, as "thoughtful and reflective... [and] a very well-informed Anglican".

The Corpus Christi team defeated Manchester University 275 to 190 points in the final of the BBC's University Challenge quiz show.

Trimble has received both praise and criticism for her role in the victory, in which she scored the majority of the points. While some expressed admiration for her vast array of knowledge, others have complained about her alleged “smugness”.

Speaking to the BBC, Trimble said, “I have always seemed to be a clever person who knows things, and you really don’t want to come across as smug; so I was a bit sorry when people did see me like that.”

Trimble is also a practicing Anglican and has been a part of the chapel choir at her college since she began studying there. She also sings at the University Church.

Canon Malby said that, “She is someone who takes her faith very seriously and is thoughtful and reflective about it: a very well-informed Anglican,” reports Church Times.

“She’s very clear-headed, and needs now to finish her doctorate on Catullus and get on with her academic career It’s one of the pleasures of the sort of ministry I have, seeing bright young people develop in their faith and commitment over the years like that.”

Trimble is to marry her boyfriend of five years Tom West, a trainee solicitor and rector's son.
Mr West's father, the Rev Tim West, said he was "absolutely delighted" at the news.