Ukraine: Evangelical pastor killed in shelling on way to pray for wounded soldiers

Kiev's Independence Square, Ukraine(AP Photo/David Azia)

Funds are needed urgently to support the wife and children of a pastor killed in a shell attack in Eastern Ukraine.

Sergei Reuta, an evangelical church leader from Luhansk, was forced to leave his home, church and the entire area, along with his congregation, when the town was taken over by separatists.

According to Mission Network News, he was warned that if he stayed, he would be executed.

He and his family moved in with relatives near Donetsk, where he began working as a chaplain to Ukrainian solders, and became known as "Padre".

He was on his way to visit and pray with wounded soldiers when he was killed by a shell that hit his car.

Sergei's wife and three children have no means to support themselves and are in urgent need of help.

To help the Reuta family, click here.