Tony Campolo's family asks for prayer after popular speaker suffers stroke

Tony Campolo is a co-founder of Red Letter Christians

Tony Campolo's family has asked for prayer as the popular pastor, speaker and author continues to recover from a stroke. 

In an update issued on Monday, his children, Bart Campolo and Lisa Goodheart, said their father had suffered the stroke on the evening of June 20. 

It has left him partially paralyzed on the left side of his face and body, and he is continuing to make his recovery in hospital. 

The situation has been made more difficult due to Covid-19 as his wife Peggy is not able to enter his hospital room. 

But she "patiently sits outside his window for most of each day, talking with him and overseeing his care," his family said. 

Campolo is also continuing to work on rehabilitation at the hospital.

"Obviously this is a difficult situation for everyone, but we are grateful that both our parents' minds, spirits and determination to serve are still strong, and we are genuinely optimistic about their prospects for getting their lives back on track," said Bart and Lisa. 

"In the meantime, rather than calling either one directly, the best way to support and encourage Tony and Peggy is to send cards and emails that let them know you love them, are praying for them, and don't expect a reply."

Cards can be sent by email to or physically to Eastern University, 1300 Eagle Road, St. Davids, PA 19087.