Tim Tebow Answers Prayer of an 89-Year-Old Grandma By Surprising Her At Home

Tim Tebow gives an 89-year-old fan from Atlanta, Georgia a huge hug.(TMZ Screenshot)

People might say all they want about former NFL star Tim Tebow and poke fun of his athletic career. But one thing's for certain: This Christian athlete truly has a heart of gold.

Just this Sunday, the 29-year-old baseball star surprised an 89-year-old grandmother who has been praying fervently to meet him in person. Tebow gave Margaret Henderson of Atlanta, Georgia the surprise of her life when he went to her home, according to TMZ Sports.

Henderson was in complete shock and refused to acknowledge that her favourite athlete was already standing right in front of her. "That's not Tim Tebow!" Henderson said as Tebow greeted her with a hug. "Oh my God, you're kidding!"

But after Tebow asked how Henderson was doing, she mellowed down and said she had been praying to meet him.  "I prayed to meet you. I can't believe it... can I kiss you?" she asked before giving Tebow a kiss on the cheek. "I love you, I love your mama, I love your daddy, I love Robby, and I love all of your family!"

In return, Tebow gave his enthusiastic fan a warm hug and thanked her for her kind words.

Tebow is known to surprise his fans on occasion. Back in 2014, a fan named Mckenzie Hoskins waited over 24 hours just to meet Tebow when he visited Knoxville for a University of Tennessee football game. Tebow did not leave Hoskins hanging since he met up with her and even gave her a piece of cake. To cap off the meeting, he autographed the sign she made for him.

"Honestly, he could have brought me a piece of grass (or) a cotton ball and I would have reacted the exact same way. It didn't matter what he could have brought me," Hoskins told WJHL. "I was so overjoyed that I was meeting my hero, [the] hero of my faith. He stands for everything I believe in: Jesus Christ and the stance he takes for Him."