Tim Farron: 'I'm not running to be Pope'

Tim Farron has insisted is 'not running to be Pope' after being grilled again on whether his evangelical Christian beliefs contradict his liberal politics.

The Lib Dem leader flat out said he did not think gay sex was a sin and was also asked whether supporting gay marriage was difficult because of his faith.

BBCTim Farron was again questioned about his evangelical faith in a Question Time special on Monday night

'No,' he said directly, adding: 'If you're a liberal, you fight for everybody's right to be who they are.'

The topic came up in a Question Time special on Monday night and BBC presenter Nick Robinson told Farron he should have answered the questions first time around rather than ducking them when initially asked in the early weeks of the campaign.

The Lib Dem replied: 'Or you could actually take the view that I'm not running to be Pope... I'm a political leader not a religious one.'

He added: 'I don't judge anybody. What is utterly key to my faith is you treat others as you want to be treated yourself. You do not judge other people, otherwise you yourself will be judged.'

It comes after questions around religion have dogged Farron throughout the campaign with his views on abortion also raised.

A 2007 interview resurfaced with him saying 'abortion is wrong' but that it could not be outlawed tomorrow. Responding Farron said he was pro-choice then and continued to be today.

Seeking to turn to attention back to his politics, Farron again ruled out joining a coalition in the event of a hung parliament.

'We are not going into coalition. I made that very, very clear.

'Whether one likes it or not, Theresa May is heading for a landslide on Thursday,' he said