'The Legend of Zelda' release date news: Return of Happy Mask Salesman teased


Serious gamers and Nintendo fans are still looking forward for the announcement on the official release date of the 2015 version of "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask," but the news is still unavailable at the moment. However, Nintendo recently teased that the Happy Mask Salesman will appear in the next installment of the "Legend of Zelda" series. 

In the gaming company's Miiverse website, a mock interview featuring the popular character teased that he will be returning in the next "Zelda" game. 

According to the Happy Mask Salesman: "My, my... I've certainly been appearing all over the place these past few days! If this keeps going, maybe it wouldn't be a stretch to expect me to pop up in a new Zelda game, too...? Ho, ho, ho... I've got some new masks, too, if you'd like to try them on... If I do make an appearance, I'm sure everyone will experience such happiness! Believe in your strengths... Believe... Ho, ho, ho..." 

However, there are no details provided on which game the Happy Mask Salesman was referring to. 

Meanwhile, other information about the next release in the "Legend of Zelda" series have been confirmed. It includes flexible travel for players. According to Design & Trend, the players of the upcoming "Legend of Zelda" game can have unlimited travel ability unlike in the other games. 

"You can enter any area from any direction, so the puzzle solving in this game begins the moment the player thinks about where they want to go, how they will get there, and what they will do when they arrive," series producer Eiji Aonuma explained. 

The series producer also mentioned that players will no longer have a hard time controlling Epona since the character will be given more intelligence to help the horse avoid trees along the way. Because of this, the players can have more time doing other important tasks like firing arrows and moving the camera.