Movie Retracing Lee Strobel's Journey From Atheism To Faith Set for Spring 2017 Release

Author Lee Strobel (centre) and his wife Leslie (right) meet actor Mike Vogel (left) on the set of 'The Case for Christ' movie.(Twitter/Lee Strobel)

While trying to prove that God does not exist, this once hard-nosed atheist found what he least wanted to find: God. 

Now, best-selling author Lee Strobel is bringing his amazing journey of faith from paperback to the big screen in the upcoming film "The Case for Christ," which is set for release in Spring 2017, according to The Christian Post.

Strobel is an award-winning investigative journalist and legal affairs editor for the Chicago Tribune who once had an admitted personal animosity for Christianity.

The movie is based on his real-life account of how he set out to disprove the newfound Christian faith of his wife, using all his journalistic and legal skills. What he found at the end of his investigative pursuit turned out to be beyond his wildest imagination—so unexpected that it radically changed his way of thinking, his very life itself.

Specifically, Strobel tried to prove that the resurrection of Jesus did not happen, which would then mean that Christianity was a hoax and that God did not exist.

His interest in the subject began when his wife, Leslie became a Christian. Seeking to convince his wife that she made a wrong decision, Strobel interviewed some of the leading scholars on Evangelicalism and Christianity, raising incisive questions but at the same time giving them the opportunity to defend their views.

In the end, Strobel found so much proof of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as described in the Bible, making him realise that indeed Jesus is the Son of God, the Redeemer and Saviour of mankind.

"The book 'The Case for Christ' lays out the overwhelming foundation of evidence from which personal faith can rise," Strobel said in a statement shared with The Christian Post.

Strobel was awarded a slew of awards in 1980 for his investigative journalism and was promoted to legal affairs editor for the Chicago Tribune.

"The Case for Christ" comes from the makers of "God's not Dead," Pure Flix and Triple Horse Studios. It stars Mike Vogel ("The Help"), Erika Christensen ("Parenthood"), Academy Award-winner Faye Dunaway (Bonnie and Clyde"), Academy Award nominee Robert Forster ("Jackie Brown"), L. Scott Caldwell ("Lost") and Frankie Faison ("The Wire").

The movie is directed by Jonathan M. Gunn ("Do You Believe?") and written by Brian Bird, ("When Calls the Heart," "Touched by An Angel").

The film producers hope that viewers of "The Case for Christ" will further enlighten and inspire believers on their faith and at the same cast out the darkness in the minds of even the most determined atheists as Strobel once was.