The Big Bible Study at Worcester Cathedral

Lighting the Unity Candle

Around 150 people came together to study the Bible at Worcester Cathedral on Saturday.

The Big Bible Study was jointly led by the Bishop of Worcester, Dr John Inge, the Roman Catholic Archbishop for Birmingham, Bernard Longley and the Reverend Keith Judson, Heart of England Baptist Association Regional Minister.

The day started with a short time of worship in the Nave of the Cathedral as the three leaders lit the Unity Candle before they led those present in a study of John 21: 1-25.

The Reverend Keith Judson gave the first address setting the passage in context and drawing out different sections while making reference to other parts of the gospel.

Archbishop Bernard Longley then led everyone in an 'Ignatian' style study of the passage inviting people to use their imagination and pretend they were Peter as they reflected on what he may have been feeling at the time.

Those present were then split into groups of 10 to take part in a prayerful approach to the passage known as Lectio Divina.

The Big Bible Study at Worcester Cathedral

During this time, people were asked to concentrate on words and phrases that sprang out to them and think about what this might reveal in their own lives and discipleship. The groups were then invited to discuss this with each other.

A time of worship at the end of the study was followed by a picnic in the Chapter House.

Event organiser Sue Adeney said: "It was a busy Saturday morning in the cathedral with lots of visitors, and one of the most moving things was the way in which they were completely silent when those doing Bible study were in quiet reflection. Many of them sat and listened to what was happening.

"Overall, it was a lovely, very informal event – there was obviously a real friendship between the three Church leaders and everyone felt very welcomed into that."

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