'The Big Bang Theory' season 8 spoilers: Sheldon to remain, another wedding proposal

"The Big Bang Theory"CBS

"The Big Bang Theory" season 8 spoilers stated that Sheldon did not board the train and will stay.

The TV series' producer Steve Molaro hinted that Sheldon will stay as he said that there will be no missing characters next season. Molaro revealed to Hollywood Reporter that although there is no definite plan yet for the 8th season of "The Big Bang Theory," all of the main characters will be back.

The producer said that Sheldon's departure is not a factor. "Not at all. We're making the best episodes that we can come up with. I have to move forward assuming everyone is going to be there. I have no reason to think they won't be. That wasn't a factor," the producer told Hollywood Reporter.

Steve Molaro also hinted that there will be another wedding proposal to happen on season 8 after Penny and Leonard became engaged last season. In season 7, fans saw a big progress in the relationship of Leonard and Penny. Wedding plans are being talked about by the bosses during the series' hiatus. Also, this could mean that we may hear the wedding bells for Amy and Sheldon.

Aside from Leonard and Penny's good relationship, "The Big Bang Theory" fans are curious whether Sheldon and Amy will follow suit in being engaged after the couple kissed. On the final episode of the previous season, Sheldon had cold feet when Amy asked him to live together. Sheldon was seen boarding a train that made fans speculate whether that was Sheldon's untimely exit. It is still unclear whether Sheldon actually get on the train, which makes the final episode of the previous season a cliffhanger.

"We're enjoying shining a light on how many proposals there have been and how many there might be to come. As long as we own it, we'll be OK," Molaro said.