'The Witcher 3' PS4 Pro patch update is coming to players soon

Twitter/witchergameBy popular demand the 10th Anniversary of "The Witcher" wallpapers are now available on the website.

With CD Projekt RED's "The Witcher 3" being one of the more technologically impressive games available on PlayStation 4, players have long wished for a proper "The Witcher 3" PS4 Pro patch to be able to experience the game at its best. To address their demand, the company's boss recently assured that the new update will come out in a "few days."

There is no doubt that this action role-playing video game is deemed as one of the most beautiful games of all times. The gaming franchise reset the bar when it comes to a living and breathing world that is not only gorgeous but also full of incredible depth and detail. Fortunately, that detail is about to get more refined with the upcoming release of "The Witcher 3" PS4 Pro patch.

CEO Adam Kicinski said during a financial results webcast, "We've prepared a 4K version which will be available on PlayStation Pro in just a few days and by the end of the year it will be available on Xbox One X."

At the event, the Kicinski also stated that the game is still selling phenomenally well. Through all of the developments, players' excitement and support for "The Witcher 3" has not dwindled.

Its overall success advances itself well to receiving a 4K update for the mid-generation consoles. It will not only be a treat for those gamers to see some smoother and more vibrant graphics; it will also be great for first-time players. Many are hopeful that the new patch will include a higher frame option and more choices.

However, before anyone gets too excited, CD Projekt RED pulled back on the previous "few days" promise. In an interview with Eurogamer, Senior PR Manager Radek Adam Grabowski said, "More details about them, including the exact moment when they will be released, are something we are going to announce when the right time comes."

The release date of "The Witcher 3" PS4 Pro patch has yet to be settled. It might not be this week, but the 4K update is coming to make the players' adventure "ridiculously good looking."