The unmatched capabilities of WordPress make it the best choice for launching effective SEO


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You need a good SEO friendly website to ensure proper SEO performance that significantly depends on the optimization capabilities of the website features. Indeed, you must build your SEO campaign on sound SEO strategies but to implement those successfully you need excellent support from the website. Therefore, having an extremely SEO friendly site is a must. The website features must ably support the SEO optimization measures, especially for on-page SEO. It should allow you to implement optimization strategies effectively so that the possibilities of trying out new things with SEO become very easy. Bring creative with SEO gives you competitive advantages as you can implement out of the box ideas. Therefore, how far you can go with SEO depends on the quality of the website and you must select the best platform for website creation that supports SEO extensively.

SEO friendly websites

It is possible to create SEO friendly websites by using all other platforms, but the extent of SEO friendliness and versatility differs a lot. How much support the website extends to your SEO endeavors is a factor that you must consider carefully. If the site has just some essential SEO features, it will not help much to progress with the SEO campaign because to launch an effective campaign the needs of optimization are more complex and varied. That is where WordPress makes a world of difference with other similar platforms. WordPress has almost endless features to help marketers implement SEO more creatively and aggressively that no other CMS can offer. Its versatility, flexibility and enormous power to enhance SEO are simply unmatched. After reading this article, you will find more reasons to rely on WordPress as you would know how it outscores other CMS.

Create the most impressive home page

Whenever we log on to a new website, we first look at the home page from where the website tour begins. The homepage is, therefore, the most important page of any website because it introduces the site to viewers. It should contain elaborate information about the business ideals, what the business is about, the products and services on offer and how customers can benefit from it. The information encourages viewers to explore the various aspects of business and gradually develop a relationship with it. Since the home page introduces the company and the products to viewers, it should have ample space to accommodate exhaustive information so that viewers get a comprehensive idea of what to expect.

WordPress templates provide enough space on the home page that can accommodate elaborate content. While some other platforms might also offer this feature but it cannot avoid text duplication on other pages. You have to use codes to avoid text duplication, and the process is quite complicated. With WordPress, creating the homepage is a breeze as it does not require any codes. Knowledge of codes is not at all required to create WordPress websites. Read on to know its other SEO friendly features.

Numerous SEO friendly features

Easy content creation – WordPress began as a blogging platform and then gradually evolved into a full-fledged CMS. Therefore, facilitating content creation is the high point of WordPress that keeps it miles ahead of other CMSs. You can create content just in the way you would conveniently do with any word processor. Also, it is easy to use images and videos in the content without any problems.

Allows image optimization – WordPress websites have features that will enable optimizing images and videos that are so essential for creating speedy websites. The experts at Kotton Grammer Media can help you in optimizing images by using ALT tags, descriptions and other features.

Heading and title tags – The headings and title tags of a web page carry brief hints about the type of content that prepares viewers to consume it. Search engines also use the heading tags to understand the content. WordPress facilitates easy creation of headings and title tags without writing HTML tags.

WordPress templates have some of the features inbuilt, and you can add more features by using WordPress plugins.

Create speedy websites

Website speed is a concern for both viewers and search engines. Viewers want sites to open immediately upon clicking, and the search engines support the demand and encourage the creation of speedy websites. Going a step further, Google uses website speed as a factor for rankings. High-quality WordPress themes allow you to create sites that load pages very fast by speedy processing of HTTP requests. For obtaining higher ranks in search results, you must have fast loading websites.

Robust security features

The security features of WordPress templates ensure that the website remains well protected from hackers and other malware. The security system of WordPress websites insulates the site from the possible threats of intrusion. As soon as it detects any problems that can make the system vulnerable, it sends out a signal that activates the security ring and averts any danger to the website. To enhance the security, you can use suitable plugins that make websites almost impregnable.

Highly user-friendly

WordPress is for everyone regardless of age because anyone who is familiar with computers can use it just as they would use some word processor. Without any special knowledge of codes and programming, only by depending on your basic ideas about computers you can use WordPress websites and maneuver it in your way as it is effortless to use the features. It needs just a few clicks to activate the SEO features that open a whole new world of opportunities.

The worldwide support that you receive from the WordPress community gives you complete confidence in using the platform more innovatively. The WordPress community is always ready to support WordPress users, and you can overcome any problems that you might face. It becomes easy to adopt the best SEO practices with complete confidence. The sense and feeling of being part of a broader community of WordPress users give you the courage to experiment with the platform and launch a much effective SEO campaign.

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