Destiny expansion coming soon? 'The Taken King' trademark filed by Bungie

Is Bungie's latest trademark move signaling the release of a major expansion or content?

Video game forum site NeoGAF recently discovered the latest trademark for "The Taken King" filed by game developer Bungie, presumably in late April, including its logo. According to the trademark description that was seen by NeoGAF, the name will be associated with downloadable video games through wireless devices and the Internet, electronic game software for mobile phones, wireless devices, and handheld electronic products, game and video game software, as well as interactive game programs and video game programs. 

The logo description, on the other hand, reads:

The mark consists of the words THE TAKEN KING in CAPS in the color gray. Below the "A," "K," and "E" in the word TAKEN is a graphic image consisting of a large oxblood "V" in the form of two slightly outward curved slashes. Rising from a position approximately two-thirds up the inner sides of the large "V" is an inverted "V" with curved sides, and beneath the inverted "V" is an "X" consisting of two oxblood slashes resting half-way up the sides of the large "V," whose lines cross below the center of the inserted "V" and then point straight up.

The site also mentioned that the lawyer responsible for filing the trademark is Jim Charne, who is also the one who made the trademark filings for Destiny's "The Dark Below" and "House of Wolves." Does this mean that "The Taken King" is going to be the next big content release under the "Destiny" franchise? 

Bungie already released two downloadable contents for the best-selling first-person shooter game since it was released in September last year. The first one is called "The Dark Below," which came out on Dec. 9, 2014, while the second expansion pack called "House of Wolves" is scheduled to come out on May 19. 

Bungie has yet to reveal what "The Taken King" really is.