Ted Cruz hosts screening of 'God's Not Dead 2' in Wisconsin

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Ted Cruz says, 'Every one of us has the right to live according to our faith.'Reuters

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said he is through caring about what opponent Donald Trump does during his campaign stop in Wisconsin, and wants to instead focus on the things that Wisconsin voters truly want.

"What the people of Wisconsin care about is jobs, bringing jobs back to America, seeing wages rise," Cruz said, according to Religion News Service. "What the people of Wisconsin care about is our freedom, protecting the Bill of Rights. What the people of Wisconsin care about is safety and security, protecting this country from radical Islamic terrorism."

After answering questions for around 15 minutes, Cruz then hosted a screening of the new faith-based film "God's Not Dead 2," which stars Melissa Joan Hart as persecuted Christian teacher Grace Wesley. The film is the sequel to the 2014 film "God's Not Dead," which was a hit among the faith community.

Cruz sat down in a jam-packed theatre carrying popcorn and two hotdogs. "One simple reality, if I want to see a movie, it's got to be a campaign stop," he jokingly said.

Cruz added that the film's focus on religious liberty is an important issue that has placed the "radicalised" Democratic Party in conflict.

"It is unfortunate to see the modern Democratic Party has gotten so extreme, so radicalised that religious liberty is now viewed in conflict with the partisan political agenda of the Democratic Party," he said. "Every one of us has the right to live according to our faith. And this should be a shared value that brings us together."

Meanwhile, "Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson, who made her debut in "God's Not Dead 2," told Town Hall that she was impressed by the character Grace's religious conviction. Even though it can get difficult defending the Christian faith nowadays, Robertson noted how important it is for Christians to stand true to their beliefs.

"If [Grace] would have wavered in her faith, then it wouldn't have worked out for her," she said. "Because she stayed true the whole time, and never doubted it, she was very successful. People wanted to root for her. If you question yourself, people are going to question you, but if you go 100 percent then people are going to vote for you."