Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman talks about attitude amid the chaos: Do we make the best of a bad situation or a bad situation worse?

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot shares how his solo album The Wonderlands came about.

Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman is learning how to appreciate God's masterful plan amid the chaos, and realising that how he reacts has the power to make the best out of a bad situation or only make it worse.

"Chaos isn't always welcomed. But it's crucial to our story," Foreman wrote in the Huffington Post blog. "Entropy destroys our plans and forces us out of our comfort zone. We admit our lack of control and suddenly strange new worlds become possible."

This is what happened while Foreman was waiting for his flight in Dallas. The pilot showed up an hour and a half late and all of the hotel rooms had already been taken, so the airline representative offered to give them cots to sleep on. It was an upsetting experience because the singer really wanted to see his daughter, but when everybody else began yelling at the airline representative about the situation, he had to walk away.

"None of their actions were making our situation any better. If anything, their attitude and anger was only making our situation even more miserable," he said. "This is where choice comes in... do we make the best out of a bad situation or do we make a bad situation worse?"

We can easily get angry, frustrated, bitter, or depressed when things in our lives go wrong, but he has come to realise that the sooner people accept that the world is not in their control, the sooner their lives will feel better.

"There's humility in the face of the unknown. The place where you announce your limitations is where growth begins. By accepting the truth of my own shortcomings and my inability to control, I am also able to begin to understand the truth: that I (though godlike in my ability to create and plan, build and destroy!) am not God," he said.

What happened next to Foreman was simply incredible. When he chose not to be dragged down by unfortunate circumstances, God blessed him with a song, which later became his latest solo project - The Wonderlands.

"In the humility of wonder I begin to hear a song in the discord. In this terrifying middle ground between what I know and what I don't know, I unclench my fists and surrender," he shared. "This is where we live, and where our song is born. Somewhere between chaos and the control - these are the wonderlands."