'Star Wars Battlefront 2' gameplay news: Sneak peek into Heavy Trooper class; all classes fight the same regardless of era

YouTube/EA Star WarsStormtroopers in "Star Wars Battlefront 2"

Compared to the first "Star Wars Battlefront" game, where players can customize their own troops, "Star Wars Battlefront 2" will roll that back a bit, and the game's developers DICE revealed that they will bring in classes. This means, regardless of the type of droid or trooper, they will all fight the same within their class.

The troopers cannot use the weapons they have unlocked anymore, and instead will have a certain skill set which is based on the strengths of their particular class. That skill set will remain the same, regardless of era the player's trooper or droid originates. An example of this would be a First Order Heavy Trooper playing the same skill set as the Separatist Heavy Trooper, and vice versa.

According to the official Electronic Arts website, players must choose between four different classes in "Star Wars Battlefront 2." There is the officer, which can make its allies stronger, and supply powerful buffs to the surrounding troopers. There is also the Assault Trooper, which is fast, tough, and is incredibly good within close to medium range. The Heavy Trooper, on the other hand, has a high durability and is deadly both on the offense and defense. Lastly, there is the Specialist, which can lay out traps for enemies and reveal important information to their comrades.

There is one particular class that is worth noticing, and that is the Heavy Troopers, especially the kind that can be seen in "Star Wars Battlefront 2." As revealed by PlayStation Blog, there will be two different versions of the Heavy Trooper that players can choose from, and both of which have two primary abilities: the combat shield and the sentry.

The combat shield allows the player to fire their weapons while moving slowly, whereas the sentry ability enables the player to go into a powerful medium-range combat mode. The sentry ability also allows the user to deploy a heavy repeating blaster with maximum damage, but at the cost of limited movement.

"Star Wars Battlefront 2" will launch on Nov. 17.