Spirit Burn: new album from Vineyard Records

Spirit Burn Band at Riverside Vineyard, London, UK

Spirit Burn - Live From London is the new live worship album from Vineyards Records UK available on October 29.

The 13-song project was recorded on June 1 this year at the Riverside Vineyard Church in London and brings together a group of new and seasoned worship leaders from across the UK and Ireland.

Spirit Burn was produced by Casey Corum from Vineyard Worship USA and Jimmy Cooke from Vineyard Records UK.

A new version of Kevin Prosch's classic "Show Your Power" and a new rendition of "O My Soul" from fellow worshipper Samuel Lane's recent work are featured in the album.

Singer of "O My Soul", Susanne Courtney from Network Vineyard Church in Reading, said that she was "extremely excited" that there is such a strong female representation on the album.

"Spirit Burn" is both the title track and the centre theme of the recording - the idea that His glorious Spirit is burning within us all.

Lead vocalist of this track, Dan Wheeldon, sings "Spirit burn right through", against accompanying electric guitars and uplifting drum beats.

All in all, the steady tempo throughout creates a rock-style track, especially when compared to the delicate opening song "O My Soul".

The album also includes the song, "When I Stand", which was written by 14-year old Taylor Lynch after he attended the VRUK youth worship school in February 2013.

Bringing together 17 Vineyard musicians, Spirit Burn- Live From London is a varied and uplifting worship album.