Southern Baptists report massive revivals in Brazil; one pastor uses mannequin to draw people to Christ


Even as the Rio Olympics is set to close on Monday, August 22, a new wave of widespread revival has just begun in Brazil.

Southern Baptists returning to the United States from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, are sharing testimonies of widespread revivals in churches, communities, prisons and schools, following their eight-day crusades, medical ministries and other outreach efforts in the South American country, the Baptist Press reports.

Wayne Jenkins, director of evangelism and church growth for the Louisiana Baptist Convention, said more than 3,200 Brazilians chose to be saved in Christ following the events conducted from July 10 to 17.

"God did exceedingly above all that we could think or ask," Jenkins said.

He said their mission resulted in the construction of three church buildings in five business days. They also succeeded in reaching people even in "difficult areas," resulting in their acceptance of Christ.

"Moreover, the Gospel was received by every age group and social class," he added.

Jenkins coordinated the mission trip to Brazil with the Louisiana Baptist Convention. He was joined by 60 Louisiana Baptists representing 10 congregations, and another 37 Southern Baptists from Utah, Texas, North Carolina, Florida and California.

Mission team members shared a number of amazing anecdotes on people embracing Christ after introducing them to the Gospel.

Pastor Carlos Meza of Calvary Spanish Mission Church in Shreveport, Louisiana, recalled one of the highlights of the mission when he used a store mannequin in a town near Belo Horizonte, Brazil, to catch the attention of a passer-by to share the Gospel with him. This resulted in the young man giving his heart to Jesus, he said.

"I started 'witnessing' to the mannequin using an evangelism tract" to attract the attention of passersby, Meza said.

"A young man stopped and said, 'Mister that mannequin can't talk or read,' and I asked him if he could," Meza said. "When he said, 'Of course I can,' I handed him the tract, he read it and after a brief explanation of the Gospel he said, 'I believe every word the tract says' and he surrendered his life to Christ!"

"Yes, God can use a mannequin to lead someone to His kingdom. To God be the Glory!" Meza exclaimed.