Fight for religious freedom in Laos

Christians in Laos were threatened at a village meeting that if they do not give up their Christian faith, they should leave the village. Or if they do not follow the instruction, they will be punished by death.

This shocking ultimatum was delivered at a meeting in Donthapad village, Sanamchai District in Attapeu Province, southern Laos last month.

The threats are drawing concern from Christians in Laos where they are mistreated and imprisoned for their beliefs. They are now trying to get help from outside. The officials?purpose is to totally eradicate Christianity. They are threatening to destroy and burn homes. Some of the Christians are kept in an area confinement and was kept watch by the government.

A school teacher, Tong-luang, was arrested on March 4, at his home in Donphai because of his refusal to give up his faith. Tong-luang had been arrested previously with two others at a Christmas prayer meeting in Donphai village last year.

Mr Bounsouk (Manien), a Christian, is a particular target for the attacks, and was nearly run over by an official on a motorbike, he has had his land confiscated and officials have now confiscated his pigs, his main livelihood.

Much concern was raised about the religion freedom in Laos and international attention has been very effective in reducing the persecution of believers in Laos in the last few years.

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