'Skyrim VR' release date news: Skyrim to hit PlayStation VR this Nov. 17

Bethesda's iconic open-world roleplaying game "Skyrim: The Elder's Scrolls V" is coming to PlayStation Virtual Reality, and Bethesda has already announced the release date. "Skyrim" will be coming the PS4 VR on Nov. 17.

The initial trailer was revealed at 2017's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), and, an interview with the game's lead producer Andrew Scharf gave excited fans a preview of things to come.

According to the interview, "Skyrim VR" would contain the entirety of the original game, from the burning of Helgen to the different guild quests and the main quest to stop Alduin from destroying the world. Scharf mentioned that aside from the original game, the VR version would also be including the all available downloadable content (DLC).

Scharf and the E3 interviewers also talked about the controls for the VR game. Players will be able to either pair up their headsets with their controllers for smoother movement, or pair up their headsets with the motion controllers if they want to stand up and move around while playing the game. Players will be able to dual wield spells and weapons, and the game will also take a more realistic approach to bows and arrows. Players will have to hold the bow in one hand and the arrow in another while simultaneously trying to aim at their foes.

Despite most of the game remaining unchanged, Scharf did mention that they would be rethinking some of the controls and changing up the user interface so it would be more comfortable for VR users. An example mentioned in the interview was the changes they'd be making to the level up screen. Instead of having it pop up in front of the player once they gain enough experience points, players will notice the skill trees floating around them after they've levelled up.

"Skyrim" was originally released in 2011 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and since then, it has received several DLCs, a Legendary Edition, and a Special Edition.