Sen. Ted Cruz says same-sex marriage rulings are 'a real danger to our liberty'

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)(Photo: U.S. Senate)

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz voiced his opinion on federal judges reversing voter-approved same-sex marriage bans in an interview on Monday.

Cruz called the decisions "a real danger to our liberty," and vowed to propose legislation that allows states to make their own decisions regarding gay marriage.

"We have seen judges, and especially the Supreme Court, ignoring the law," Cruz told WHO radio host Jan Mickelson. "If the courts were following the Constitution, we shouldn't need a new amendment, but they are, as you put it quite rightly, 'making it up' right now and it's a real danger to our liberty."

He plans to introduce a constitutional amendment that would ensure "that the federal government and unelected judges cannot set aside the democratically elected legislatures' reasonable decisions to enact and protect traditional marriage."

Last month, Cruz reintroduced the State Marriage Defense Act, which would allow states to enforce their own definition of marriage. The bill was co-sponsored by 11 other senators, and Texas Rep. Randy Weber introduced a partner bill in the House. Nearly two dozen representatives co-sponsored the House bill.

"I support traditional marriage and we should reject attempts by the Obama administration to force same-sex marriage on all 50 states," Cruz said in a statement.

"The State Marriage Defense Act helps safeguard the ability of states to preserve traditional marriage for their citizens."

The US Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments for and against the constitutionality of gay marriage bans in Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky, and is expected to make a decision by the end of June 2015.

Gay marriage has been a contentious issue over the past two years, and bans against gay marriage have been reversed or are currently in litigation in all 50 states.