Scots would love to see royal baby soon, says Kirk

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are celebrating the birth of their first childPA

The Church of Scotland would welcome a visit from the new royal baby "as early as possible".

Messages of congratulations are coming in from across the nation and the globe to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge following the birth of their son at St Mary's, Paddington, on Monday.

Scots are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to offer the warmest of welcomes to the family, the Kirk assured.

The Right Reverend Lorna Hood, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, has also speculated whether one of the baby's names might have Scottish roots.

Mrs Hood said: "These first few days for the new young parents will be very special and we wish them lots of space and time to bond with their new young son.


"As the world awaits for the first glimpses our new young prince we look forward to his first visit to Scotland where he will be given the warmest of welcomes.

"No doubt like his father, Balmoral will become a special place in his early years and we hope he will grow to love Scotland as much as his father undoubtedly does.

"Names are always and should be a very personal choice but would be wonderful if one of the baby's name had a Scottish flavour."

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