'Scandal' season 5 spoilers: Jake gets in the way of Fitz and Liv in new episodes

In the season 4 finale of "Scandal," it was as if Fitz and Liv forgot everything around them. They just focused on themselves, their love for each other, and how their expression of this love was impeded by the recent turn of events. 

While it seems that they might actually get a chance at romance in season 5, so many factors prevent them from fully enjoying it. Jake Ballard, with the horrors that unreciprocated love can do to him, is just one of the many forces that won't make things easy for the star-crossed lovers. Series creator Shonda Rhimes revealed that Jake, who is head over heels for Olivia, will jeopardize things. 

"Jake goes on a journey that might destroy everything," Rhimes said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly

How destructive things could get remains to be seen, as well as what sort of things Jake will get into that will ruin the chance of Fitz and Olivia actually being together this time. Nevertheless, Rhimes has hinted in a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly that Jake's troublemaking won't be needed when it comes to breaking the lovebirds apart.

"Olivia finds that every single thing about her life has changed in unexpected ways," Rhimes said. 

While this may sound great, it isn't entirely a good thing. Whatever these changes are, they seem to pose more doubts and threats to the relationship. 

Of course, viewers can't forget about Mellie, who was kicked out from the White House by her own (pretend) husband. If there's anything more threatening than a man not loved back by the woman of his dreams, it's a vengeful ex-wife. 

"Scandal" season 5 premieres Sept. 25.