Saturday voted women's most 'beautiful' day of the week

Saturday is the day of the week when women feel most naturally beautiful, according to new research.

It is also the day they are most likely to indulge in some beauty DIY. That's according to findings from the Ready to Glow campaign, which is encouraging women with the message that they don't need invasive treatments or a make-up artist to look and feel great.

The campaign, which is being fronted by Kimberley Walsh, reveals that over two-thirds of women say their everyday beauty preparations like moisturising and de-fuzzing give them more confidence than the finishing touches like lipstick and nail varnish.

Half of women admit to feeling unprepared and anxious if they haven't conducted their essential beauty preparations and two thirds of women feel that their overall confidence is affected by how they feel about themselves rather than what other people think.

The Ready to Glow research discovered that nine out of 10 women believe their confidence is improved if they are well groomed from top to toe.

With 45 per cent of women saying they do not have a daily beauty regime in place to help them feel their best, Ready to Glow is encouraging women to carry out beauty preparations on a daily basis to give a boost to their confidence every day of the week.

Life coach Carole-Ann Rice says, "It's one of those immutable laws of nature that when women look good they feel good and when they feel good, they look even better.

"It's all about natural beauty, not about looking young and thin but a great, deep down feeling that your body, skin and wellbeing are all at their very best.

"Our self-esteem and confidence is boosted when we feel we look great and we radiate our best, confident selves. It makes perfect sense that women feel more beautiful on a Saturday as they dedicate more time to themselves to perform some of the more time consuming beauty essentials."