Samsung Galaxy S8 gets named as best smartphone for photography

Facebook/SamsungmobilePromotional ad poster for the new Galaxy S8

Since June, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been sitting at the top spot for a smartphone with a camera good enough to rival actual cameras for professional photography.

Photography website ePhotozine ranked the Galaxy S8 as their number smartphone for users who want to take photos that are way off the charts from a usual selfie. Samsung's latest handset delivered up to the plate by passing beyond expectation common professional photography situations such landscapes and portraits in daylight and at night.

Although the HTC U11 has the same 12mp rear camera, f/1.7 aperture lens, and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), the Samsung Galaxy S8 captures images the way an actual person would have seen it. That means the very important aspects in photography such as light, color, and sharpness are the first three things that enter the brain of this smartphone when taking a photo and quickly adjusts to take quality images.

Another notable advantage of the Galaxy S8 is that it does not utilize the dual-sensor technology most smartphones these days are crazy about. This, in turn, translates to a very well-thought camera app interface. By swiping from the lock screen or tapping the power button twice, it only takes a second to access the camera app. Users can once again take photos with just one hand. Even adding filters or zooming in to the subject can be done through swiping your finger through the screen.

Photos taken by the Galaxy S8 are stunning. This is achieved mainly because the handset's camera software and image signal processor (ISP) are working well together. According to trustedreviews, out of 1,000 photos taken by the Galaxy S8, only three were deleted because of focus and sensor issues.

The color accuracy, clarity, and contrast of the Galaxy S8 also earned top marks against the iPhone 8 and its predecessor, the S7. Taking shots in low-light places will not be a problem for the S8.

The Pro Mode of the camera lets users manually set the focal length of the image they want to capture. Green highlights will let users confirm that something is in focus.