Samsung Galaxy Note Edge features: 3-sided YOUM display technology

Fans have been highly appreciative of the Samsung Galaxy Note lineup ever since the tech giant launched the series in 2011. In striving to make a distinction in the gadget market, the Samsung Galaxy Note series have been designed to be exceptionally larger compared to the usual devices available to the public.

Rumors have been surfacing regarding the actual application of the 3-sided YOUM display technology, which Samsung has been eagerly flaunting to avid users and fans of the brand. However, none of the gadgets the company has released has been designed utilizing this innovation.

In the past months, fans have once again speculated on the possibility of finally seeing the 3-sided YOUM display technology used on a Samsung gadget. To further fuel the rumors milling around the possibility of this technology being applied to the new tier of Galaxy Note phones, news have surfaced regarding the move of Samsung to trademark the name "Galaxy Note Edge".

A lot of Samsung users have already began imagining the possibilities of having a gadget with this technology. Based on the rumored photos of the "Galaxy Note Edge", the device might have a curved design to accommodate the 3-sided YOUM display technology. The reported display was designed to purportedly wrap the screen around the entire phone. In an attempt to explain the significance and possibility of this kind of design, the "Galaxy Note Edge" is assumed to have the capacity to be folded. Hence, the gadget might have a wraparound display. This design may also offer to finally eliminate issues concerning side bezel. In addition, the "Galaxy Note Edge" might have touchscreen buttons on the edges of the gadget.